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Magic of the earth contained
in our pure crystal gemstones

Why do Solisse’s natural crystal gemstones capture the
strongest positive energies from the earth?

Most Natural

All gemstones are responsibly sourced from Brazil, Argentina and Sri Lanka, Russia,
and the USA and directly procured from natural ores retaining the highest mineral element levels.


Created completely by Mother Nature for millions of years, the stones contain nature’s own
essence, bringing together the strongest and most powerful energy in the world.


Extracted from rare mines found within the deepest parts of the earth that are isolated from
any kind of man-made debris and chemical pollution, these stones have been preserved and
infused with the purest and most positive energy from the earth.

Highest Quality

All crystal gemstones are found from the most ideal ore belt around 30° North and South
latitudes. The authentic stone’s particles resonate at rapid frequencies, are highly stable and
produce the strongest natural magnetic field. They possess powerful energy that can only be
contained in the highest quality minerals.

Solisse, nature’s own brilliance!